Saturday, 10 November 2012

Benwells Print Technique Samples.

Today I have received in the post a sample pack from Benwells, a printing company that specialises in high quality corporate stationary and infuse lots of print techniques into their work. I wasn't sure if they would send me a pack as I'm not a business so I was really happy when it got delivered as it is a great source of primary research. The samples inside are great and show a lot of different techniques and stock examples.

Subtle embossed design on a grey laid stock with faint markings

I like the use of white in this design as I think it really compliments the logo and fits well with the choice of stock. The embossing isn't necessarily visible when looking at it and doesn't imprint onto the reverse of the card, but becomes noticeable with touch.

Heavily embossed mark on cream laid stock and spot varnish detailing

The amount of detail that has expressed through the embossing here is amazing, I love the three dimensional appearance. Black spot varnish has also been used on the text, but as it is so fine it is quite subtle. I think this works well as it doesn't try to compete with the strong impact of the embossing.

Black spot varnish on black uncoated card

I really like the use of black on black in this sample, I think it is really effective. I like how in different lights it has a different look. I think this technique works very well with the simple design and thick line of the logo.

Blind emboss on white laid stock

This sample works in a similar way to the one previously. I like how the embossing is so clean and clear that ink isn't needed to give the design clarity. Also the fact that no ink has been used makes it a really cost effective technique, if done successfully. I like how by just using the white stock light and shadow becomes very visible.

CMYK print on uncoated card

This is a more simple print on a flat and smooth surface. I think the colour choices work well, because of the strong contrast no further techniques need to be used to increase the clarity or definition between them.

Fluorescent orange spot colour on thick laid card and embossed type

This sample really stood out when I first opened the package. This is because of the strong, vibrant spot colour and the contrast with the neutral stock. The type is also slightly embossed which helps it to stand out even further on the page. The stock used is very thick which creates a very sturdy piece.

Red spot colour and gold foiling on uncoated white card 

The use of colour and foiling here has been very effective and I really like the contrast between the detailed black and white illustration and block of red. The foiling has been used on an intricate design that looks great and really helps it stand out a the gold shines well against the red.

Silver foiling on grey uncoated card

The foiling here is used in an effective way to add a point of interest to the design, as my eye is immediately brought to it. I think the foil also work well with really smooth stock, that adds to the simplicity.

Embossed, silver foiling on laid white stock

This is another simplistic design that has been brought to life by the foiling and embossing techniques. The main title has been embossed while the rest of the text is debossed. I think the foiling has taken the piece from being overly simple to a really classy and quality piece.

Gold foiling on white laid stock

The appearance of this stock is very textural and creates an interesting base for the type. The foiling is high shine, especially in the light, that creates a luxurious appearance that reflects the brand. I like how the foil has so many tones, demonstrated in the photo, as it adds another level to the design.

Silver foiling on uncoated maroon card

This linear style of foiling is so effective and has a much more quality appearance than a block shape of foil. This technique allows it to attract the light better and gives a textured shine. The type on the back is also foil, although I'm not sure if this is such a good idea as it makes it quite difficult to read as stroke is quite fine and it gets lost in the shininess of the foil.

Black spot varnish on white coated card

This is a simple typographic design that has been highlighted using a black spot varnish. I think using it gives a more expensive and quality look and feel. The smoothness of the varnish looks good with the smoothness of the stock. 

Gold foiling on white woven stock

The two photos here demonstrate the difference in colour of the foil when it is shining in the light or shade. I think this variation gives an exciting finish.

Black spot varnish on white coated card

Finally, this business card uses the varnish in a understated way to subtly emphasise the aspects of the design.

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