Saturday, 3 November 2012

Design For Print Publication Research.

The Print Handbook

The Print Handbook is your guide when you're not quite sure what something will look like when printed. Full of examples, it makes the mistakes so you don't have to. Printed with 5 colours on silk, gloss and uncoated paper. The cover is foiled and is 300gsm Tangerine Keaykolour.

  • four different papers
  • 5 colurs
  • selected 1 colour pages
  • file type comparisons
  • DPI comparisons
  • CMYK colour chart
  • rich black comparisons
  • paper sizes chart
  • length conversion chart
  • paper weight conversion
  • overprinting examples
  • binding examples
  • fold examples
  • line weight examples
  • explanation of crop marks and bleed
  • examples of how paper affects colour
  • monotone, duotone and tritone examples
  • rendering intents examples
  • colour profile examples
  • glyphs
  • CMYK and pantone comparisons
  • trapping examples
  • typefaces at different sizes
  • tints of text examples
  • tracking examples
  • printing process diagram

I feel this publication is a great example of what I should be aiming at for my own. The amount of detail and information included is amazing and I can imagine it being extremely helpful. Not only is the content good but the level of design is high too, it is interesting to look at whilst still being easy to understand.

The Essential Print Handbook

This booklet is in less detail than the first but I still think it is successful and includes lots of informative points. The limited colour scheme works well and helps bring the design together. One aspect I'm not sure on is the type as it doesn't seem as consistent as it could be.

The Easy Handbook of Typography

"In today's world, everyone is a typesetter. With a computer in nearly every home, the tools of the trade are available to whoever sits down in front of the keyboard, but what about the knowledge? The world of typography with all its conventions and quirks confronts new arrivals with a learning curve steep enough to scare off even the bravest of souls. After identifying the lack of entry-level books on the topic, I wrote and designed this handbook to serve as a starting point for people interested in learning about typography, whether they are design students, office workers, or simply someone who wants to create a bangin' poster for next weekend's party."

This publication may not be about print but I was really inspired by the design. I think the simple appearance helps to make information included really clear, I also find the cover aesthetically attractive, the styles of type really appeal to me.

I Love

"This is a book about things that I just love. It’s a book in two languages, English & Norwegian. Everything from the colours to the typography represent me as a person."

I was really attracted to the design of this publication. It isn't a handbook of informative information but I think this style could be transferred effectively for use with my contact. I really like the contrasting 
colours and how some of the images have been edited to make interesting page spreads.

Little Spines

"Little Spines is a yearly publication containing stories and poems from the Creative Writing students from RMIT. My aim was to create a contemporary, stylish publication on a low budget. The style of binding I used (Japanese Stab binding) has an abstract resemblance to an actual human spine visually, and also shares many of its characteristics; being quite ornate and fragile, yet extremely crucial, and vigilantly holds everything together."

I have chosen to document this publication because I really like how it has been constructed. I like how the cover goes round the publication and the halfway effect. The style of binding is also really attractive.

Ethics & Design

"A publication created from research into the ethics of Graphic Design."

I like how this publication has been put together, with the separate 'pages' as pieces that are bound together with the belly band. I also think the front cover looks great, I love the textured stock and the white ink that has been printed on it.

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