Sunday, 25 November 2012

Goji Brief Bird and Feather Designs.

I have decided to look into the theme of birds and feathers from this brief. I got this from the word 'freedom' that was mentioned as a main idea from Goji. It made me think of the saying 'free as a bird' and I thought it would be a nice starting point for ideas.

Sabine Reinhart

I really like the style of these pattern designs with the contrast of block colour and linear shapes. I also love the colour scheme and think it would work well with a female audience. I could imagine something like this working very successfully on an iPhone/pad cover or a laptop sleeve as I think the bold design will be very aesthetically attractive.

Allan Deas

This is a very bold design that is very eye-catching. I really like the layered effect and I think it is an interesting response to pattern design. The contrast between the white, black and yellow has a lot of impact. I also think this style is more suitable for both genders.

Pol Kip

This style has a very strong hand rendered illustrative look which appeals to me. I think how all the birds fit together like a jig-saw and how it creates white space that is a nice break from the detailed look of the birds. I really like colour scheme of different shapes of blue and I think a range could be created using different colours.

Eva Hebenstreit

The pattern in these designs is based within the illustrations rather than the repeat of the shapes, which is a slightly different approach. I am not as keen on the look of these birds as I think they have a more childish look that isn't suitable for the target audience I am focussing on.

Matt Richards

I think these feather patterns are great and have a lot of impact, which could be because of the monochrome colour scheme that has a lot of contrast. I think these designs would be a lot more suitable for males and females because of the neutral colours and simple yet effective design.

Patricia Mafra

I chose to look at these deigns as they focus on different breeds of birds than the rest I've looked at. I like the abstract look and use of texture applied to the shapes and background. I like the bold shapes.


These designs focus on a very simplified look at birds that I think is interesting. Yet the bold, simplified shapes work well and still get the design across clearly. I also like the use of similar tones of colour that work well in getting the form of the bird across whilst still retaining the simple look.


I like how these designs show birds in flight which I think emphasises the 'freedom' idea. The limited colour palettes is also effective and works well in separating the form of the birds. Furthermore, it is a good way to distinguish between different gender options. It also works well as a pattern even though all the images aren't identical, this also really gets the thought across of birds flying in a group.

Matt Layen

This design really goes with the overlaid aesthetic, although I think it would be improved with a bit more white space as the overall look is very dark. I think this aspect also makes it more suitable for a male audience.

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