Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Goji Design Research.

For research into the design aspect of electronics accessories I have started to look at current products on the market. 


The colours used in the prints are very rich and earthy tones which gives a sumptuous look. Because they are all a similar tone they work very well together, this is something I will have to consider. I also like the use of cream as I think it helps break up the composition and makes the patterns more visible.

Mark Jacobs

I like how with some of these the companies branding has been incorporated into the design. Sometimes this could be annoying but because of the high profile nature of Marc Jacobs the audience would like the fact that it is visible for other people to see. How it has been done also applies to the design in a cool way.


I find these designs very interesting as I like the detail that has been captured within them. I really like the colour scheme of teal and how the orange adds a vibrant pop. The shapes here remind me of a kaleidoscope because of the symmetry and reflection.

Diane Von Furstenberg

The shapes on these iPhone covers are especially bold and eye-catching. I think with the example on the left this is because of the use of the bright, neon green and on the right because of the thick stroke width and contrasting colours.

Jonathan Adler

These shapes appear very childlike and naive because of the combination of shape and colour. I think a design like this would be more suitable for a young person.

Tory Burch

The slightly muted tones of these cases really appeal to me as they appear vibrant without being to in your face. With the orange  example I like how a textural appearance has been created by the shapes and varying tones of orange. The case on the far right also has a very graphic look, that I think is helped by the reflection of the composition down the centre.

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