Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Induction Week.

On Friday we were assigned our first brief! It was slightly daunting but at the same time exciting to be getting on to some design work after all the induction lectures that had taken place that week. We were split into our blogging groups and assigned a series of tasks before we were even aware of what the brief would be, which consisted of coming up with fifty problems we have or will encounter throughout this year. This then led us to seperate them into categories and select ten from the group to write into a list in a 'how to' format. They then got tore into seperate pieces and placed into a hat with the ten choices from the other groups. Each group then took it in turns to select a random five and choose one. Our choice was 'How To Flag Down A Taxi.' We then recieved the brief...

After first reading the brief we were unsure whether we had picked the right statement, I thought that maybe the focus for what we could create was quite narrow and that it would be hard to think of interesting concepts, but after a group discussion I think we feel a lot more confident with the task. We spent the remaining time of the workshop thinking of initial ideas,writing mind maps and suggesting what we could do to move the project on over the weekend.

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