Monday, 14 January 2013

ISTD Travel Website Research.

Natural High Safari's 

I think this website is really successful. I like the use of photography and as this is something I have been focussing more on during this brief I could see my designs working in a similar way. I think the navigation is quite clear and easy to use for the audience, for example the list of countries going down the left-hand side.

Tim Miley

I like how the top half of this website is interchangeable with different photographs and I prefer this part of the design a lot more than the rest as I think it is a more cluttered. The app aspect is also a handy idea and will be very relevant to my target audience of young adults.

Oliver Strom

The clean lines of this design have a great aesthetic look and I like the simplicity. I also like the contrast of the bright colour gradient with the grey background. The information included is simple and not distracting.

Jenna Fucci


I like the colour theme of this website design and I think the supporting images look great. Again I like the simplicity, so I think this is the way forward.

Area Daily

This site includes similar information to what I think I would, but I don't think the design of it is very strong. The navigation is easy to use and I like the images that have been included. But the layout after you click on the link goes downhill.

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