Thursday, 10 January 2013

Brewery Brief Label Research.

To help get some inspiration on beer bottle design I have researched some examples that could help with the design process.

Morten Nordsveen

I feel like this quite a classic looking design that represents high quality. I think this is because of the style of typeface that is quite traditional and also the coat of arms style imagery. The shape of the label itself also resembles a shield. The blue of the label is very rich and compliments the colour of the bottle.

Mark Grey

I think this is a very clever design and an interesting take on the beer label. The embossing effect really brings out the design and I think something like this would really attract the audience. The texture it creates is also great especially as it is a product that would be held in your hand.

Curious Design

This set has much more of a tongue and cheek concept, the name is catchy and would be memorable for the audience. I like how the design stays the same across the range, yet the flavours can be distinguished with each colour. The hand rendered type is also effective and works well with the theme of the design.

Umbra Design Studio

The bright neon colours of these labels are very effective and I think they would have great shelf and bar presence. The typeface is also very quirky and because of the bold, black colour it stands out well from the background creating impact.

Sara Duncan

These labels are very quirky and I think it is interesting how photography and digital elements have been incorporated. The bottle shape is also very unusual which I think fits the look. Another aspect I like is the coasters the white on the cork board looks great.

Alessia Olivari

I love the geometric prints used on these examples and I think this is something I could develop for my own designs.

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