Monday, 22 April 2013

What is Good? Wallpaper Research.


"This Trippy wallpaper harks back to the halcyon days of the 1960s and 1970s so dig out your old flares, tie flowers in your hair and relive the sounds of the time with this beautiful 60s wallpaper. The durability of this modern Super Fresco design means that you'll find decorating much easier than it would have been have ‘back in the day’."

I think this simple repetitive shape works really successfully, as the pattern looks great as a large scale repeat. Because it is so simple it easy to apply varied colour schemes to the design. I think this is a good idea because it ensures it applies to a larger target audience.  The textured stock is very interesting and is something I would like to experiment with as I feel it links with the architectural aspect of Bali very well.


"Modern dot motif wallpaper with metallic and gloss features."

I like how this design incorporates a linear effect and the dot sequence and I think how the interact within the composition is interesting. Within the colour options the look seems to vary because of the varying thickness and colour of line between them, this would be good to experiment with as they give very different effects. I also like the use of foil and gloss as it adds a luxury feel and also links with my theme.


 "Taking its inspiration from modern architecture and a mixture of contrasting textures and surfaces. Checker features multi-layering textures and shadow for an exaggerated three dimensional effect."

The three dimensional effect of this design works so well that only one colour is needed. The light and shadow is so strong that it dictates the shapes and form on it's own. I like how this design has taken inspiration from architecture as this is something very similar to what I will be doing myself, although in a more traditional and less modern style. I think the mix of textures also helps to distinguish the shapes and exaggerates the light and shade.


"A quintessentially English rose with an eccentric colour twist. Hand-drawn linear detail reveals a flash of metallic, and the linear textured finish adds depth and interest."

I think his design shows how that alternative colour choices can really make a difference and can create totally different atmospheres. I prefer the lime green option as I feel it is the most contemporary and I think the drawings look more crisp and fresh.


Again I like how this sample incorporates a contrasting surface. With the green design the sheen is very simple and is only visible in certain light conditions, so at some times the decorative print is almost invisible as shown above. This creates a magical effect and shows that colour choice is very important to either take advantage of this appearance or avoid it.


"Inspired by the intricate interiors of the art deco theatres, Cinema's simple arches layer and repeat to reveal a sophisticated geometric."

I really like the simplistic quality of this geometric pattern and how it repeats across the composition so easily. With these examples it is also visible to see how different scales can effect the appearance.


"Bring the eternal city into your home with this new graphic wallpaper design. Capturing the excitement of 2012, Graham and Brown launches this illustrative city scape, featuring London's best known architecture and attractions."

This design has taken representing a place and it's iconic features very literally. Even though I like the illustrative style I feel that across a large scale, like wallpaper, it is a bit over bearing. I would like to take a less literal approach to my designs.


"A sophisticated 'Chinoserie' inspired geometric pattern for a graphic look. Printed on a high quality 'easy to hang' non-woven ground."

I think this is one of my favourite designs so far and really links with my balinese design theme. I feel the shapes link well with the architecture of the area. The zesty colours are also very appealing to me. I like how a shadow effect has been incorporated into the pattern as I think it helps to highlight the shapes from the background.

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