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D.C Publication In Depth Research.

Harvey Nichols Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013

This publication immediately identifies 'The New Breed', something newer, cooler, and more desirable. Giving the idea that in order for the reader to evolve they too must follow this new style. The initial text within the publication states, 'If you've made it to spring by 'making do', it's time to break the fast.' Forcefully telling the audience to buy and questioning how they would have been able to manage for so long. Within this it also states their store as being within the centre of fashion, suggesting that to get this new spring wardrobe, Harvey Nichols would be the best place to start.

Throughout the publication there is quite a few of these large scale advertisements, which highlight wealth, power and the 'ideal' lifestyle. The full spread gets the audiences attention and the sense of glamour and happiness gets transferred to the brand in question. This particular advertisement has strong links with the gaze as every person in it doesn't have their eye line looking at the viewer. The woman may be looking straight ahead but her gaze is broken by the sunglasses she is wearing. This allows the audience to view the image and the life they could aspire to without the confrontation of the models shown.

A common theme throughout this publication is to link the current trends the store is trying to publicise with well known and fashionable celebrities. This backs up the styles are 'cool' and people who aspire to be like these individuals will adapt the look in order to get closer to their idols.

I really like the design of these fashion spreads and I could take some inspiration from them for my own publication. I like the varying layout that still remains clean and easily viewable. I also like the bright bold colours that contrast well and also the use of line within the scenery and how it brings the composition and set of images together.

As always this magazine also has a beauty section. This particular article outlines the top ten products that the audience will believe they need in order to be beautiful.

Here religious terminology has been used to show that it is acceptable to want desirable items. Contrasting with how gluttony is usually looked at as a sin.

Topshop Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013

This cover has used a bold monochrome image of a girls face/ I think it has such powerful impact because of how the model is looking directly at the audience, even if her gaze is slightly obstructed by her hair. I really like the contrast of the black and white with the bright, neon pink spot colour as it gives something that attracts peoples attention. The text on the front mostly states celebrities that the target audience will probably recognise.

The first spread is split exactly to type and image and I like how the photo is off centre and falls onto the spine. The type is focussed on inviting the reader in their 'world' and to become part of this young and cool community. Hip individuals are featured and the passage informs you to read on to find out how to get their looks, lifestyle and success. This appeals to the audience because it gives them an insight into a life that seems unreachable, yet reading about it gives them a chance to be part of it.

At the start of the magazine it states a list of professionals who have contributed to the creation of the publication. It informs you, if you were unaware of who they were, of their credentials and why you should be influenced by what they say and do and also listen to the 'invaluable' advice they give.

The use of new and popular up and coming models means that they will be recognised by the target audience. The model will already have a large following of people that will be interested in what she's doing and what brands she is representing. By using a new model it gives the impression of something that is fresh that the audience can use in order to appear before the times and unique.

During this interview this subject is also stated as being a new and up and coming face in the model industry. Her age and former life fit well with the audience, which means that they can automatically make a connection with her. Throughout the information it goes on to discuss her new and exotic lifestyle that will be in demand with the readers and what they will aspire to have themselves. As well as this new life it also her portrays her more 'normal' attributes, again linking her to the audience giving them the belief that this is something they could achieve to.

This article highlights a new fashion trend to be sold in their stores. It influences the readers to buy by listing celebrities who have already adopted the look. There is also slight links to the American Dream stating that this is 'more than just fashion but a culture,' 'It stands for an all American look and makes us think of everything from cheerleader pompoms to apple pie and ice-cream.' It then follows these statements with the celebrities mentioned before, linking the style with success and wealth.

I really like the layout of this spread and how the image flows across the pages. I think it will be interesting for me to look into using the space like this.

I also like the design of these pages with the creative use of objects to make imagery. I think that the hand drawn aspects have been integrated well with the jewellery. There is also limited colour and with this particular spread the type isn't a focus and blends subtly into the background.

This is this publications homage to the ever growing beauty industry. It covers the new main looks and the products used to create them that will influence the readers to buy.

This magazine also has a feature that gives a taste of fame and recognition to girls who would be the target audience. It gives the idea that these individuals can break out from their normal life and have a small taste of the fashion industry and become part of the community.

This piece informs the readers on the the things they should be interested in, which all relates back to the brand itself.

Asos - The Denim Issue 2013

This cover has an immediate link with the 'dream lifestyle,' for example, 'Imogen Poots on living her Hollywood dream.' It could quite possibly mirror the target audiences own aspirations and alerts them that they can read about it. Seeing this 'normal' looking girl achieving this life makes it seem the all more reachable.

I think that having a supporting digital aspect is a great idea and is good for integrating print and digital work together. With the young and technically aware audience it would appeal a lot to them.

Using groups of young, attractive and trendy girls influences the audience to believe that if they purchase these products they could end up with friends like these and could become part of a fashionable clique. Having a wide range of styles and applying it to this idea means that the brand is covering a wider range of readers.

I really like the design aspects applied to the layout and look of these compositions. The use of colour and pattern really helps to tie in the style and look of the products.


Whilst looking through all these magazines I have noticed dome common attributes. One being the use of one particular, up and coming model, Cara Delevingne. Whilst she is hugely popular now across the fashion industry, representing a huge number of brands and companies. I think she is also widely accepted amongst the audience of these magazines and her shot to the forefront of fashion in such a short space of time is very inspiring to people who would like to think the could achieve the same.

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