Monday, 4 March 2013

Parfumeur Colour Research.

We have decided to focus our design mainly around colour and how it can portray the four sets of emotions successfully. We feel that by incorporating this into our pattern design will create a more abstract and therefore 'modern' and 'contemporary' appearance.

Passion and desire

Our idea for tones surrounding passion and desire were obviously reds and pinks as we felt it represented love in a raw and lustful way. I like how browns and more contrasting tones have also been introduced as I think it helps to add interest and dimension.

Perfect, sublime love

For this emotion set we wanted to represent purity and innocence which we felt was best suited to muted, pastel tones. There is a strong recurrence of pinks and lilacs. I think these colours also bring thoughts of tranquility and of being relaxed, which I think links well of being 'perfectly in love.'

Excitement and fear

This was the hardest group to find suitable colours for as I feel these emotions have been less explored. We felt that to get across these heightened feelings that contrast of colour could be a successful approach. With fear it could be described as your blood running cold so the link from reds and oranges to blues seemed appropriate.

Elegant and dignified

Finally with elegant and dignified we felt that muted, darker and pastels of similar tones would be most effective. We went with a lot of purple because of it's links with royalty and expensive items.

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