Sunday, 31 March 2013

UK Greetings Card Research.

Illustrative Cards

I really like the childlike, hand rendered quality of these cards and I think they work especially well with the pastel colour scheme. I also like the quirky style of the captions and relating imagery as it gives the audience something to react to and enjoy. I also like the experimental look of they type, I like how some are different colours and some look like they have been doodled in, carrying on the hand rendered theme.

Easter Card

This card has a really contemporary look which I think is really interesting. I think this would really stand out on shop shelves as it would contrast greatly with the other options for sale that would have a lot more of a contemporary look. I really like hoe the layers of the composition overlap and the colours blend together to create an interesting effect. I think how this has been done on the type is particularly interesting.

Foiled cards

Giles Dickerson

This card demonstrates how I could incorporate processes, especially foiling into my designs. I really like the orange on orange and how when the light shines on it different tones shine through which really changes the look. I think because of this it makes the card more interactive for the audience as they can move it around in their hands to view the different lights.

Christmas Cards

Jess Bright

I feel that these cards have a lot stronger traditional look, because of the stereotypical christmas colours, conventional imagery and the choice of type. Although this look is obviously successful I think I wan't to push the conventions of what the audience would expect of these occasions.

Graph Out Loud Cards

Eoin O'Kane

This is example steps away greatly from what people would expect from a greetings card. I think the concept of the infographic aesthetic is very clever and unusual and would definitely catch the audiences eye. Although it is definitely something I wouldn't purchase for myself as the look isn't very warm and celebratory because of the business and informational approach.

Friend Cards

Hannah Barganier

I found the format of this design really interesting which is what attracted me to it. I think it would appeal to the audience because it is different and will stand out to whoever they give it too. I like how the message has been spread across the composition and will therefor be revealed to the audience slowly as they unravel it. I think how pattern has been incorporated within the text works successfully and adds to the quirky look.

One Day Closer Cards

This example demonstrates how his this brief could be expanded to include a number of products. I like how all the pieces have an individual look but still look cohesive with the rest of the pack. The concept of this set is also really interesting and is based around someone who is going traveling. This unique aspect makes it very popular for the audience.

Pop-up Cards

These cards are the most memorable from the whole set because of the three dimensional quality. I like how they work as a flat design but come to life when they are constructed. I think the audience will like this as it is very memorable and is something they would keep coming back to.

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