Sunday, 31 March 2013

UK Greetings Dog Illustration.

A - Z Dog Breeds

I really like how this poster displays a range of dogs, that look different but still remain within a similar style. I like how they are drawn in a naive style yet still portray the characteristics of each bread in a fun and quirky way that helps to give them personality.

Ted Baker

I feel that these designs are very effective especially how just two colours have still been able to get across the form of the dog. I like the screen printed style and this would be an interesting technique that I could incorporate into my own work.

Dog Breeds Poster

Lorenzo Gritti

I noticed these illustrations because they have such a unique style. I think this is effective because it draws peoples eyes. This effect would help my audience notice my cards and make them stand out amongst the rest in the crowded market. I also like the textured appearance of the colour, something like this could be developed to represent the dogs fur.

Dogs with sweaters

Indi Maverick

The detail of these illustrations is impressive but I don't think it is a style I would adopt for my own work. Although one aspect that has come to my attention is the clothes that the dogs are wearing. This is a very big trend within some dog owners, especially within small dogs. This is a concept I could definitely adopt to my own cards.

Dog Poster

Salene Jang

This is another hand drawn style of illustration. Although I think it works I don't think it as successful as the first example because the style is less refined. This has made me realise how important it is to have a consistent style if I want my cards to work as a set.

Bermondsey Street Festival

I am a big fan of this linear style and I like how the colour has been injected in a consistent way across the drawings. This example also features dogs in outfits and props which shows again the popular trend. This is something I am definitely going to look into further.


Paputh Nimchuar

This example also uses the linear style, but I feel the black and white colour scheme makes it look to severe and doesn't put across the fun loving feel I will be going for.

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