Saturday, 2 March 2013

Batiste in the Environment Research.

I went out into the shopping environment to primarily look at batiste point of sale, but I found that there wasn't anything unique about it except the standard shop shelves. Although what did help was being able to see the designs of the competition.


In Boots there was a limited amount of Batiste fragrances and the most common were the more original scents. There was a lot of space which needed to be filled which effected the display, although there was examples of each bottle size.

The branding for this selection of products is very strong and if the audience was familiar with the company each product would be easily recognisable as part of the selection even if it stood alone. Although these Lee Stafford examples covers a large range of hair products and not just dry shampoo which means there is a lot less variety of fragrances compared to Batiste.

Again this is a large range of varied products. I like the clean and sophisticated look of the black bottle but I feel the use of colour within the type could be improved as it gives off a more cheap and cheerful look, although this could be intentional to attract a different type of audience that looks for a cheaper price for cosmetics. Having the colour within the type is a clever idea though on being able to distinguish between the products as it is quite unique.

This brand gives off a much more expensive vibe. The sophisticated monotone colour scheme combined with the high shine mirror works very well. I think the use of the reflective audience would attract buyers as it shined within the display. The illustration style also hints to a higher end product and maybe an older target audience.

These selections show how packaging can reflect current trends like the design and the leopard print look. Half of the packages are black and the rest are white, although I can't understand why. Maybe at a closer look there would be a more obvious design? This aspect could be improved.


Again the display in Superdrug for Batiste was quite sloppy. I think because of this I will create more specialised point of sale displays to try and avoid this kind of appearance.

This is the shops own brand which would be competing directly with batiste for the same target audience. The price is lower and I think this reflects slightly in the design. The use of colour to distinguish the scents works well and I like how this has been applied to the illustrations, the varying bottle tops also looks very effective and eye catching.

The colour of these bottles really stands out from the competition as what I have looked at so far very little has been red. Using alternative colours will help the product stand out on the shelf but you also have to be careful not to detract the audience with the connotations of the colour. On this packaging you can see that type has also played a big role as the bold type clearly represents the brands name.


Finally is bodycare that has the only example of a specific point of sale stand, even if it is very unimaginative. I feel that this is an are that I could definitely improve on and apply to a variety of shop scenarios.

This is very much a budget shop where people come for cheap prices, this is definitely reflected in the packaging design of the other products. The example on the left seems very dated and not in a cool, vintage way. With clashing colours and more traditional typefaces. And on the right the coconut imagery also seems very naff and not that cutting edge.

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