Saturday, 2 March 2013

Parfumeur Perfumes in the Environment.

Cheap Brands

The cheaper brands are all squashed onto a small selection of shelves. You can tell the materials used are cheap to manufacture as they do not have a quality look. These examples cover a large range of ages from children to the elderly, showing a large audience range for perfumes.

Expensive Brands

These examples of expensive options showing each product range having a display of their own with plenty of space for the items to be seen. The stand also shows the brand name which could have a big effect on the audience deciding to buy it. There is also a large scale poster, most often showing glamorous women that the audience will aspire to. There is also supporting items that come as a gift once purchase, this acts as another incentive for people to buy and because of the large price tag the producers can afford to give them away for free.

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