Thursday, 16 January 2014

Idea Development for Practical.

To begin the development for my practical the aim was initially to have one product that covered all of Vance Packard's 'Marketing Eight Hidden Needs' and create a series of advertisements that focused on each of these needs individually. My fist ideas for these products was a car and a computer, I found it very difficult to find things that applied to all of the needs but these I managed to. Although after some consideration I decided that it would be very difficult to create ads as it would be very difficult to source images and also because I had to cover all of the needs with one item it seemed slightly forced. This led me to rethink my idea for this.

After the realisation about the advertisements I moved my idea to focus on packaging as I felt it would be a lot more relevant to my current practice and allowed me to be a lot more creative. The aim now was to design three individual packagings that each highlighted 2 or 3 of the needs. So it was no longer necessary to find a product that used them all. I then started to list items that I felt could be relevant and then developed it further to include more specific information. The final products that I decided on were: dog food, jewellery and a mobile phone.

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