Thursday, 16 January 2014

Jewellery Packaging Visual Research.

This jewellery campaign relates strongly to the need for roots as it could link strongly with an individuals heritage. Also by stating that it is hand made consumers would feel that they are doing something beneficial for the place they live if they purchase it. The name 'Jeweller in the Park' also gives a very personal and friendly feel.

Igor Manasterriotti

This packaging appeals to ego-gratification by stating that 'each piece is unique and amazing, just like the person who wears it.' This could persuade people to buy as it would make them feel that they would be admired by others due to them looking 'unique' and 'amazing'.

I have also looked at jewellery advertising as there isn't always a lot of text on the adverts themselves. This Tiffany campaign targets men as influences them to purchase by stating how much their other half would appreciate the gift. 'It's the best way to show the ones you love just how much you care.' Demonstrating that they would be perceived as a good partner by purchasing a gift like this.

This advertisement plays to the need of immortality by relating to the product as 'timeless perfection' suggesting that the item will be just as admired and loved in years to come. The consumer could picture this as something of heritage relating to them that would provide fond memories for future generations. This is a technique I could definitely use within my own designs.

This ad also applies to linking a product with the thought of positive memories and leads the consumer to believe that by purchasing the item they will have a large selection of memories associated with the item that can then be passed down to their children etc. This brand also plays on creativity as people can customise their bracelet as they like to make it unique to them.

This is an ad campaign that targets peoples needs for roots and links the bracelet to supporting their nation. People will be led to believe that by buying this product they will be supporting their nation and showing belief for Team GB.

Thomas Sabo have demonstrated how brands can use celebrity endorsement to persuade consumers to by. By using a famous and well liked individual it puts across the idea that by purchasing the product you are getting closer to the celebrity in focus and that you can even be more like them. For example, more successful, more attractive or more popular. You are getting closer to their style of life.

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