Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dog Food Visual Research.

The style of this packaging is really adorable and the creation of characters using the can itself is really clever. The bold text is eye-catching and the repeat of the words would also attract attention. The attentional piece of card on the lid is interesting and a clever way of adding more information, or even a promotional aspect. Even though I like this design, I don't think the style would be appropriate for the kind of message I will be trying to convey.

Josh White & Juan Coca

I love the sophisticated look of this packaging as it gives a fresh and modern approach to this sector. The colour scheme is very classic and each tone compliments the selection. The use of symbols and simplistic shapes helps to but across the product in a clear yet unique way to many similar items on the market. The packaging I design needs to have this stand out factor as it needs to attract a very specific audience and draw them in. The type used is very clear to read and links well with the rest of the clean exterior.


Here is a very playful design, the dog character is very childlike and the bright bold colours add to this impression. Even though I am fond of this packaging I don't think it is a style I would like to apply to my own designs as I feel it is too naive. However I do think it is successful how this selection  has a strong theme on the can itself and also within the set.

This set of packaging has a very strong and identifiable identity due to the very unique illustration style and colour choices. This is a clever approach as it will remain in the audiences memory. Although it is the message stated on the packaging that is of more interest to me which is about showing love to your pets by providing them real meat. This links strongly with the need for love objects and also reassurance of worth as it persuades the consumer with the promise of a product that can help them care for their pet to a high standard.

Sueen Thoo

The clear packaging for this product is very interesting as it isn't normally associated with pet food, I also like how you can see the food through the transparent material. The look of this design makes me think of something healthy and natural which could be a technique to attracting the consumer by making them believe this would be good for their pet. The design style of the typography on the labels really appeals to me.

 Seth Pillers

This is a product that also plays on the health benefits that it can provide and it shows that this could be a good route for me to go down with my own designs. I also think it is clever how a main part of the type logo has been incorporated into the main image as it enforces the brand image even further. The selection of products has been symbolised through colour as it is a clear way of segregating the variety.

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