Thursday, 16 January 2014

Legacy Design Development.

The first part to be designed for the Legacy jewellery brand was the logo. I chose a serif typeface as I felt it showed the idea of heritage and something classic most clearly. I also wanted to add another aspect that could be incorporated to make the logo stronger and more unique. This is why I included the ellipses as it insinuated progression and something continuing which is the essence of the brand.

I then looked at colours and selected a few possible options. Initially I liked the light blue and and it carried on into a few of my developments.

Initially I was struggling with what to put on the side of the box as it needed to be very concise yet still convey the persuasion for the needs. I wrote a few lines of possible things I could use and then placed it into the net to see how it could be placed.

I then decided that it would be a lot better to include a bag that could come with a label. This would allow more space for text and meant that the box didn't need to include any, as from my research I found that this was quite unusual anyway. One thing I did do was add a catchphrase within the logo itself that conveyed the message of the brand. The persuasive text was then added to the label and although it is concise it is still clear what is trying to be persuaded. The colour also changed to purple as it has connotations with wealth.

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