Friday, 17 January 2014

Synthesis Rationale.

For the practical side of the CoP3 project the aim has been to synthesise the research and findings from the written study­ with a designed practical outcome. I have chosen to create a variety of packaging designs that cover a selection of products that will demonstrate how Vance Packard’s ‘Marketing’s Eight Hidden Needs’ can be applied. Each item covers a few of the needs, which also demonstrates how they can be combined together to create an even stronger persuasive pull.
The first piece of packaging is for ‘Top Dog’ a fictitious high-end dog food brand. The aim for the design of this product was to attract consumers through the use persuasive techniques relating to the needs: love object, roots and reassurance of worth. Initially was the need for love objects which as stated within my study relates to the feeling of wanting to love and be loved, playing on the fact that parents often replace the item to care for from child to pet. This packaging relates to this as it insinuates how the dog is a valuable part of the domestic group, saying ‘Your dog is part of the family.’ It implies that it needs the same level of care and love and that the product can provide this. The statement ‘provide them with meals that make them feel as loved as they do you’ links back to the need of the individual wanting to be loved themselves and also tells them that they can pass on this feeling to their object of care. The name ‘Top Dog’ also gives a level of competitiveness that some parents apply to their actual children, wanting them to be successful. The name suggests that by giving their dog ‘Top Dog’ they will in fact be ‘better’.

The product also attaches itself with the selling of ‘roots’, connecting the audience to a sense of their identity that they feel pride in supporting. The front of the can initially highlights that it is ‘100% British Beef’ which would attract consumers who feel close to this particular need. Within the detailed type it is also states that the cows have ‘been reared by British farmers,’ making the consumer feel that they are doing something positive for their country and that buying this product is demonstrating their love and patriotism.

Finally, it connects with ‘reassurance of worth’, where individuals need to feel valued for the job they do and in addition a product that will make them better at a specific job or role. The packaging for Top Dog does this by stating that the beef has ‘ultimate taste’ making them feel that they are giving something to their pet that they will enjoy and appreciate. Health benefits are also focused on ‘taste and nutrients are vital for a healthy and happy dog’, which suggests to the audience that by using this dog food they are giving them something that will be beneficial physically and emotionally, providing an avenue for them to succeed as an animal carer.

The next packaging design to be created was for a fictional jewellery line by the name of ‘Legacy’. This title was chosen as it symbolises leaving behind something of meaning, which is the main essence of what was trying to be conveyed. The need for immortality is more associated with an older era that has been backed up by my primary research. The aim was to create something that persuaded consumers to purchase, by convincing them that this product was in fact something that could give them a legacy to their future generations similar to that of an heirloom. The logo plays on this idea with the use of ellipses, suggesting that there is something further to come. These ideas have been enhanced by the text used, for example ‘our jewellery is made to last’ implying that their legacy will continue, similar to  ‘enjoy for generations’, which proposes that their heritage will be thought of with positive feelings.

The second need to be approached with Legacy is ego-gratification, which revolves around impressing others with belongings rather than personal attributes. So this type of audience have been approached by suggesting how others would react, ‘be prepared to impress’ stating that their peers will be overwhelmed by this new possession in a way that the consumer hasn’t experienced before. In addition, it adds how easy this positive comparison against others will be seen, ‘quality and style stand out from the crowds.’ which would clearly attract someone who is seeking this type of recognition.

Lastly, is the packaging designed for the illusory Samia Prestige a top of the range mobile phone. The need for power was focused on greatly which is why the name ‘Prestige’ was chosen as it has connotations with wide spread respect and admiration and would catch the attention of someone who is aiming to attain this. ‘Take the step up’ was highlighted within the type hierarchy to entice an audience who strive to be superior to others and believe that this can be achieved by buying possessions to make you a better individual. Furthermore with features like the ‘highest specification camera phone on the market’ would incline this type of customer to buy, as they would feel that having this new technology would make others look up to and respect them.

Persuasion for another need this packaging features is for emotional security where marketers target how people want to have a sentiment of well being and safety within their day to day lives. In order to feel this consumers buy products that promise or represent physical safety. The Samia Prestige boasts a 96-hour battery life, so the customer is ensured that it won’t run out in times of need. The text also states an insurance programme where ‘a new phone will be delivered the next day if there is any loss or damage,’ this would ease the audiences mind as it is an area of worry that would no longer be relevant.

Finally, there is the need for creativity, as Packard found that people needed a way to express it, as with machines taking control of many things it was making individuals feel out-dated. On the front of the box it emphasised that this new phone comes with a free case of the consumers choice, this gives them something where they can have their own input ‘choose a free case from a wide selection’ and also make it unique and personal to them ‘make your Samia Prestige your own.

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