Saturday, 23 February 2013

Parfumeur Unisex Perfume Research.

I have decided to look into unisex perfumes and how they are packaged and the bottles are structured. I think this will be helpful as appealing to both genders is one of the more challenging parts of this brief. Most of the scents are also very upmarket which I think links well with what our target audience would want.


The black and white colour scheme of this bottle gives a very classic look which appeals to both genders. The whole design is very sparse and therefore remains simple. Even though I understand why this is effective I also think it is a bit dull and not very adventurous and a design like this won't help push the brand of L'Artisan Parfumeur.

Molton Brown

I feel that this bottle design and packaging is a lot more successful. Again a simple colour has been used but how it has been applied is a lot better. I really like the texture on the bottle and I feel this tactile quality adds interest whilst still being gender neutral, I also like the contrast between the soft round edges of the bottle and the sharp, angular corners of the lid. The packaging is also very interesting, especially the black on black spot varnish.

Giorgio Armani

This bottle design has slight variations but both compliment each other well. The black and gold has a very expensive feel. I feel that these colours can sometimes appear tacky but this design doesn't have that look. I think this is because of the simplicity of the rest of the structure and also the choice of typeface on the label. The lids are very interesting and help it to stand out from other bottles.


This perfume is heading to be slightly more decorative than the rest, but I feel it still appeals to men because of the classic and authentic, old fashioned appearance. I think that the choice of navy works well and it is a god alternative from black. The gold also fits well with the navy and it has a more expensive and less trashy vibe. I think the style of the design also helps the gold to fit in really nicely without looking garish.

Bond No 9

This is the most decorative bottle design that I have found for men and women. I think even though the structure is very unusual, it also appears very strong and masculine. I think we could take a lot of inspiration from the pattern used on these bottles as it is something we would like to include into our own design. The shapes used are very simple and are often repeated, stepping away from being illustrative and into more abstract, which I thin is something we should consider.


I really like the use of embossing used on these examples and I think that with the lack of colour this is what makes it so successful. With being all white it gives the bottles stand out shelf appeal as it something very different to all the other designs. Even though the colour palette is very unusual the structure of the bottle itself is very similar to a lot of unisex designs, having a strong base leading up to a bevelled cap.

Tom Ford

I really like the introduction of coloured glass in these Tom Ford bottles, again this is something different to help them stand out from competitors. I feel that the use of coloured glass is a lot more common within female perfumery, but these examples retain a masculine feel from the angular bottles and strong bold labelling. The typeface is also very simple and clear to read.

Dolce & Gabbana

I really like the use of colour here to distinguish between the different scents, I like how it has been done in such a simple way. The colours shown are also very deep and rich which I think helps to appeal to men as well as women. Another aspect that I find interesting is the use of a bolt/stud effect on the labels, I really like the effect and feel that it is also very on trend.


This bottle and packaging has a very simple and clinical appearance. The frosted glass works well with the metallic aspects. I like the thin strip used to label the products as I feel it has a very classic look. The typeface also matches this theme.

Serge Lutens


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