Saturday, 9 February 2013

Study Task Four - Triangualtion.

A piece of writing discussing the beauty industry using triangulation:

Constant scrutiny of women has led to a boom in the beauty industry, ‘As the unconscious hallucination grows ever more influential and persuasive because of what is now conscious market manipulation; powerful industries – the $33-billion-a-year diet industry, the $20-billion cosmetics industry, the $300-million cosmetic surgery industry and the $7-billion pornography industry – have arisen from the capital made out of unconscious anxieties, and are in turn able, through their influence on mass culture, to use, stimulate and reinforce the hallucination in a rising economic spiral,’ (N, Wolfe, 1991, p.17). Female vanity could be suggested for these big business industries, Freud suggested that women are ‘more narcissistic’ with self-obsessed qualities. However R, Coward contradicts this with ‘Advertisements, health and beauty advice, fashion tips are effective precisely because somewhere, perhaps even subconsciously, an anxiety, rather than a pleasurable identification, is awakened. We take an interest, yes. But these images do not give back a glow of self-love... The faces that look back imply a criticism.’ (Coward in Thomas, 2000, p.37). This implies a pressure upon women to be perfect, they are not innately vein but are pushed into being so. These advertisements play on contemporary anxieties such as diets, bulimia, hair colour, flawless skin etc. The suggest to women that in order to have a happy life they must stick to a beauty regime that could dictate their time, they must by these products in order to have a happy life.

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